Andi Woods Christian Mission Institute

Andi Woods Christian Mission Institute, located in Liberia, West Africa, is a joint effort between the people of Pobleh Town and Shakpeh Town and Jim Woods Ministries.  The six building campus, when completed, will house and educate approximately 160 students.  Many of these students are true orphans or children who have been abandoned to the community. We currently have 14 children living on our campus in the mission home and hope to open the school for grades K-4 this fall for the 2017-18 school year. 

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2016-2017 Projects

    Mission Home 

    Classroom Project

    Mission Garden Phase 1

    Well with Hand Pump    

    Diesel Power Generator

    Mission Bathroom Project

    2016 - 2017 School Fees(52)

 (Fees & Supplies(( for 52)

Total Cost $12,000

Total Cost $8,250

Total Cost $3,200

Total Cost  $2,250

Total Cost $1,350

Total Cost $3,000

Total Cost $4,550

Received $12,000

Received $8,250

Received $3,200

Received $2,250

Received $1,350

Received $3,000

Received $4,550

Project Completed 

Under Construction

(Planting to begin soon)

Project Completed

Project Completed

Under Construction

Project Completed

Vehicle Project Fully Funded!!!!!

We have provided AWCMI-Liberia with a 4-Wheel Drive Pickup Truck that will be used as a transport vehicle to generate income allowing the mission school to become self-sufficient.  $9,000 Fully Funded! 

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