Much of the infrastructure in Liberia was destroyed during the 14 years of civil war: properties and lives were destroyed, thousands of children orphaned, many wives left as widows, church buildings damaged beyond use. There has been a cry of the people for help in the restoration of their country as well as the lives of the people.

Here is a prayer that I prayed on December 28, 2011 concerning my going to Liberia:

“Father, I come to You now very humbled. I have given my life to You and submitted to Your Lordship. You have taken me up on that. In a few months, I will be in Liberia, West Africa as an Ambassador of Yours. Once again, I am providing my body for Your use, but I know that if anything is accomplished, it will be You working through me.

God, I don’t know these people, but You do. I don’t know the extent of their pains and sorrows, but You do. I don’t have the words to speak to them, but I yield my tongue to You. You know exactly what they need to see and hear. So my request to You, oh Lord, is to fill me with Your words. Fill me with Your compassion. Fill me with Your love and tender mercies. Flow through me, Your vessel, to these people of Yours.”


The Lord's response:

"I will, My son. Do not be afraid of the new lands that I am taking you to. Do not fear the people, their past, or what you will speak to them. I know the plans that I have for you, and they are good. Keep Me first in all your ways, and know that I am with you. There’s much to be done and only I can accomplish it through yielded vessels like yourself. Precious relationships will be established. Be open to all that I have for you. I have your best interest at heart. You need Me and I need you.

I have heard the cries of My people in Liberia. Their prayers and crying out has reached My throne. My eye is on them and My ears are bent toward them. Yes, I am the One they need. I will reveal Myself to them in the coming days. They will be blessed and prosper as long as their eyes are on Me. I can help them, and I am willing. You are just a small part of My overall plan for them. Thank you for trusting Me. I will see that your needs are met. You are doing business on My behalf. Call on Me, and I will give you all that you need. Call on Me.”



Andi Woods Christian Mission Institute

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This is the official ground breaking ceremony for Andi Woods Christian Mission Institute.

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This shows how the land is cleared ... all by hand by the local people.

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These are some of the students we support. We provided school fees to public schools, uniforms, books, etc.  We hope to be in a position to open AWCMI for the 2017-18 school year.